Coogie The Dumpster Cat

Coogie en Español

La maravillosa historia de Coogie The Dumpster Cat pronto estará disponible en español.

En Coogie the Dumpster Cat, este pequeño gatito con un talento especial y una gran personalidad hace amigos en su aventura para encontrar su hogar definitivo.

The Inspiration

 The Inspiration for “Coogie the Dumpster Cat”,
was my late husband, Michael. Coogie was his
childhood imaginary friend, and later became
his nickname. Michael was a visionary. He invented one of the first human medical patient simulators in 1968 before technology was mainstream. “Harvey®, the Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator” realistically simulates any cardiac disease at the touch of a button. In the 1980’s he again led the way by developing the UMedic® Multimedia Computer Curriculum in Cardiology, which can be linked to Harvey or stand alone.
He was one of the first to recognize the potential of our first responders and paramedics to treat patients in the field. He said, “By better training those who serve and protect our citizens and our country, we contribute to a major reduction in mortality.” He was right.
Today, along with medical students, and physicians and nurses, thousands of paramedics,
fire  fighters, first responders and the US military are trained on cardiac life support, trauma, heart attack and stroke, disaster response including active shooter and terrorism using the lifesaving techniques developed at The Gordon Center.

About Lynda

LYNDA S. GORDON was born in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up with five siblings and loving parents. Her greatest joy is spending time with them and her nieces and nephews. Lynda is a philanthropist, children and
women’s advocate and animal lover. She serves on the board of Friends of Miami Animals (FoMA) not only rescuing strays but helping families to keep their pets at home in hard times. She was recently appointed to the Dean’s Advisory Council at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and is a supporter and volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club of Miami-Dade. Lynda lives with her two cats, Coogie and Casey in Miami, FL. Through her company, The Gordon Alliance, she honors the memory of her late husband Michael. By imparting many of his qualities to her fi ctional character of Coogie, she hopes to shape the lives of children all over the world but mostly, just make them smile!

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